Document Processing— A Better Way

New release addresses more customer use cases, improves user experience, and delivers enhanced performance.

With the goal of making the automation of document-centric business processes as efficient as possible and helping you achieve outstanding business results, we continue to enhance the capabilities of ABBYY Vantage–our state-of-the-art low-code / no-code intelligent document processing (IDP) platform.

Vantage is part of ABBYY’s unique intelligent process automation platform, which brings together intelligent document processing and process mining with ABBYY Timeline. That’s why analyst groups like Everest Group, ISG, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recognize ABBYY as a leader in intelligent document processing (IDP).

The recently released Vantage 2.3.1 comes with several enhancements, ranging from improved performance to smarter artificial intelligence (AI) and improved administration.

New and Improved Document Skills

Pre-trained models for business documents

The library of pre-trained, ready-to-go Document Skills available for Vantage customers through the ABBYY Marketplace just got bigger and better.

New Vantage Skills:

Vantage release 2.3.1 highlights

Benefits 222R 77X77

Expanded catalog of connectors to RPA, BPM, and other systems

The catalog of available out-of-the-box connectors to business process automation systems such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate, Automation Anywhere, Pegasystems, etc., has been enriched by adding a connector to the leading low-code enterprise app development platform Mendix.

Download connectors on ABBYY Marketplace
Benefits 121B 77X77

Expanded language support and increased accuracy for handwritten text

The Vantage IDP platform support for extraction of handwritten text is available for English, German, French, and now Spanish, which was added with this latest release.

Benefits 119R 77X77

Improved OCR accuracy

Improved text recognition accuracy for Japanese documents, as well as OCR on challenging document types such as documents with watermarks.

Benefits 154B 77X77

Extended options for export of extracted data or document text

Highly demanded export formats such as CSV for extracted data, or image-only-PDF, TIFF, and JPG for document text are now supported.

Benefits 210R 77X77

Smarter AI training for unknown document variants

Better insights and control when using deep learning to train new models for semi-structured documents.

Benefits 116B 77X77

Enhancements in human-in-the-loop user experience

Manual review supports cropping and document separation, helping reviewers influence the extraction results in a positive way.

Benefits 148R 77X77

Enhanced administration

Vantage now supports the SAML 2.0 protocol for setting up authentication and convenient Single Sign On (SSO) for enterprise users using external identity providers, such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. The OAuth 2.0 protocol is also supported by Vantage.

Benefits 211B 77X77

Better customer experience with convenient mobile capture of documents

Provide your customers with a seamless user experience by integrating the input of documents using mobile device directly within your website. For capturing identity documents such as ID cards, for example in customer onboarding scenarios, the improved mobile input in Vantage provides better user experience and guidance.

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