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Make documents accessible and visible across the enterprise.

The combination of ABBYY + Microsoft SharePoint technologies

Businesses integrate document management systems (DMS) such as Microsoft® SharePoint® to share and store business information more effectively. To achieve that, contracts, correspondence, and other documents must be standardized for retrieval and digitized for quick search. SharePoint integration with ABBYY FineReader Server OCR solution automates these routine tasks.

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ABBYY® FineReader® Server for Microsoft® SharePoint®

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For easily accessible, searchable documents across the enterprise.

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Usage scenarios

Effective document storage with ABBYY FineReader Server. 

03A FRS Cases Document Conversion

Libraries are fully responsive to search

Documents already stored in SharePoint libraries turn to fully searchable, high-resolution PDF or PDF/A files thanks to the smooth SharePoint integration with ABBYY FineReader Server. All new documents become search-friendly either upon arrival or upon schedule.

03C Insurance Cases Conversion

Document input process in order

FineReader Server-to-SharePoint connector enables automatic conversion of image-only files (scanned documents, image PDFs, faxes, TIFFs, and others) to PDFs during transfer to a storage system. All documents are saved as compressed, archive-ready files.

Integration benefits

Benefits 102B 77X77

Enable quick use of data

Based on FineReader Server, ABBYY OCR solution for SharePoint properly digitizes documents in various formats, including image-based documents, to make their content easily accessible. Faster information retrieval helps the staff perform their tasks and boosts productivity.

Benefits 137V 77X77

Cut data storage costs

SharePoint integration with FineReader Server helps you to optimize data storage space. FineReader Server creates PDFs in small files sizes but of high visual quality.

Benefits 134B 77X77

Meet compliance rules

Avoid penalties and fines by following government or corporate regulations. Store documents in a searchable PDF library for as long as you are required to, and present them for audit at any moment.

Benefits 120V 77X77

Never lose a page again

Electronic business documents are always ready for quick migrations among users or for content reshuffling. FineReader Server integration with SharePoint ensures no piece of data will ever be lost, even if a paper original is destroyed or missing.

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