ABBYY Solutions for Education

Improve document-driven processes in colleges, universities, and research institutions.

For educational institutions requiring innovative solutions to make the most of limited resources, ABBYY provides affordable, efficient, and accurate document processing. Our solutions help institutions significantly improve productivity and lower the costs associated with managing the paper produced by students, faculty, and staff. ABBYY helps streamline processes in lower and higher education.

ABBYY helps educational institutions to solve their processing challenges…

  • Management of documents including tests, examinations, reports, transcripts, letters of reference, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance relating to tests and examinations
  • Coordination of learning processes across educational centers
  • Large document volumes of many kinds
  • Low budgets

Usage scenarios

Colleges, universities, and research institutions can leverage affordable and effective solutions from ABBYY to improve their academic and administrative processes.

03A Education Cases Scanneddocs

Conversion of scanned paper, images, and PDFs to editable documents

Any paper- or image-original documents can be converted to editable formats quickly and accurately.

03D Government Cases Archives

High-volume searchable archives creation

ABBYY offers a powerful server-based solution for centralized conversion of high volumes of paper- or image-original documents into searchable archives and repositories.

03C Education Cases Lanuages

Translation of texts and language learning

ABBYY products help in understanding and learning foreign languages.

03A CI Cases Accounts Payable

High-volume document, form, and invoice processing

ABBYY automates and accelerates the processing of high volumes of various documents types–classifying them, extracting indexes, and exporting them as searchable files into business applications or archives.

Key features and benefits for Education

Benefits 148B 77X77

Eliminates labor-intensive manual data entry

Benefits 102R 77X77

Improves and accelerates educational processes

Benefits 137B 77X77

Reduces costs

Customer stories


Texthelp integrated document conversion into its Read&Write software program for Windows and Macintosh platforms.


Image & PDF to text

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National Assembly Library of Korea created a searchable library database with voice services for the visually impaired.


Library conversion

Read the story

Open LORE users now convert paper and e-documents into digital text, easily available via text-tracking and text-to-speech.


Text to speech

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